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 『 关键开』工作经验 (集团总有大约百年在英国职业,家庭生活体验):-

KeyOpen group has at least 300 years commulative professional and living experience in the UK/USA:-

  1. 个别指导和支持海外学生 - personal guidance and support to overseas students in England
  2. 学生中学大学入学 (GCSE, A Levels, degree at university)
  3. 在英国和中国项目管理学生签证申请 - project management in Tier 4 student visa application
  4. 学生宿舍 - assist in finding accommodation and review of accommodation contracts
  5. 学校介人(中学)
  6. 五年英国地方政府贸易标准和消费者保护官员经验 - five years in local government trading standards and consumer protection law
  7. 三年中央政府环境的经验 - three years in central government experience
  8. 二十多年丰富的英国实际营销商业经验 - 20+ years in marketing and contract experience
  9. 三十多年丰富的英国教育经验(幼儿园大学) - 30+ years in higher education experience
  10. 英国的政府管理文法中学学校校董责任 (Grammar School governor)
  11. 多年慈善组织自愿支持经验, 责任受托人(trustee) 登记英国慈善委员会(The Charity Commission)
  12. 会计 - Accountancy (ACCA)
  13. 软件销售计划管理 Software marketing programme management
  14. 多年客户帐户关系管理 Client account relationship management
  15. 十四客户建议成本核算和合同管理 Proposal, costing and contract management
  16. 项目管理 Project management
  17. 十五多年在英国大学的资深教师, 包含教授 Over 15 years of experience as a senior academic in a UK university (including professor level)
  18. 信息技术服务外包解决方案管理 IT Strategic Outsourcing Solution Management (Europe, Middle East and Africa, EMEA)
  19. 银行法规,审计和法规遵从 Banking regulations, audit and compliance
  20. 土建施工质量保证 Civil Construction quality assurance
  21. 学术编辑 Academic writing review advice and editor
  22. 管理科 (MSc) Management MSc
  23. 项目管理房楼转易

在英国从1968年『 关键开』(事先组织) 教育活动从2002年开始

In England since 1968, in educational activities since 2002.




关键开培训和协助公司 - Key Open Training & Assistance Company

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