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Education 教育

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London, England

  • IELTS 雅思考试
    • IELTS - application for IELTS tests for entry to a Tier 4 Sponsor at an institution (choose academic for studying in UK), tests are held weekly and you may retake as many times as you want for a fee of about £150. IELTS test application is a separate computer system to that of payment (payment is to a chosen test centre). This is what you need for university degree and higher level of courses, the following IELTS for UKVI is not needed for UK Tier 4 student visa application once you have a university having validated your English standard as satisfactory.
    • IELTS for UKVI new test called IELTS Life Skills - usually relevant for some pre-degree courses at university and such lower educational level courses.
    • IELTS test samples - some test samples
    • IELTS blog - comprehensive materials and information for preparation
  • Higher Education 高等教育
    • UCAS - information and application to higher education in UK, this contains your profile and data (updatable)
    • Track UCAS - after having made your UCAS applications, track their progress for offers or rejections only
    • Which? University - information on which is the best university and course for you
  • Examples of writing in English for reference