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Culture 文化

British Culture - 英国文化

The following is an arbitrary list of a window into British culture other than the ones that you may know already.

  1. The British pub is a pillar of culture as it is a place where many travellers and people meet. The British pub is not exclusively for beer as it is the birth place of many British musicians, comedians, actors and actresses etc. who themselves are pillars of British culture. The British pub is an important testing and development stage for new artists.
  2. Theatres and the arts, even when your English is no good, you may still enjoy dance, opera, pantomime, musicals etc.
  3. Street art , a tour around the streets during good weather can be rewarding when combined with other cultural activities, visit to markets and enjoy local food and drink. Here is a brief debate on graffiti, crime or culture
  4. to be continued, British sea fronts and piers, British countryside, ..