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关键开 咨询和协助(英国)公司

KeyOpen Advice & Support Company

明天是关键,开板就跑,不然就来不及 。

In England since 1968, in educational activities since 2002.

We offer advice and hands on daily online and telephone support in a friendly and caring manner using local people in England and in USA whilst keeping your privacy and confidentiality. Equal opportunity of advice and support to any person of any nationality offered in English, Chinese (putonghua and cantonese) and Tiếng Việt.  Price starts from fixed time/fee 10,000 RMB for one academic year. Use us to save your valuable time, prevent problems and to be more successful in achieving your goals. Communication is carried out using English (and optionally a foreign language is used).
『 关键开』最初创建于英国, 成员于1960,1970年代定居英国。教育活动从2002年开始

国丶国的学生,遇到的情况多是游子在外丶孤立无助。子行千里丶母担忧,而『 关键开』可以一对一地帮助和指导学生走向更加顺利的成功之路。让每个学生拥有长期的私人助理。

『关键开』的成员均是定居在海外长大的永居华侨。 精通国本土的生活丶文化丶風俗 和日常的法规丶商业丶求医的成熟经验。成员均曾在或正在当地的大公司任职。特别是会运用丰富的职业经验和多年的生活积累解决各种在国生活的问题。并具有多年帮助中国学生在英国丶美国处理各样的留学发生间题的经验。对于海外留学的学生,虽然有大学员工和同学帮助,也难免处理不足。用『 关键开』一对一式的帮助和指导就可以更加解决自己的问题

『 关键开』的从2002年开始帮助中国学生来英国学习。现在在美国也有永居华侨身份的合作伙伴提供『 关键开』的专业个人式的服务,爱护留学生并让他们的前进之路更加顺利。 『 关键开』是通过微信、电话、电子邮件来用中文和英语和家长、学生沟通,非常方便。

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电子邮件,微信以上。(链接, 悬停鼠标,看看邮件名) - contact us click me

we are hiringwe are hiringJob flash - 30 Sept 2016, we are recruiting top quality PhD Postgraduates with research project at hand (that's innovative) for part time work which is to tutor Chinese students in China for 500 RMB per hour in specialist subjects.

There are two levels of depth of tutoring, one is for 2-3 months, another is for 4-5 months  (both are on-line distance tutoring, two hours per week). Bilingual speakers is helpful although tuition would be carried out in English language.

PhD Tutor is not required to write contents nor to falsify work for student mentee. This is not acceptable nor allowed. The objective of this mentoring is to train a new subject to a mentee so s/he makes effective choice and application to a top class university in USA, UK and beyond.

raise the barraise the bar

study in USA and elsewherestudy in USA and elsewhereShould you wish to study elsewehere in the world or do further studies in UK & USA please contact us too as we have partners (in China) who may be able to assist and who may offer referral discount from us.


KeyOpen advice and support service

Key Open benefitsKey Open benefits

We provide:-

  • advice, guidance and support   思路有出路英国留学服务英国留学服务
  • Ask anything reasonably   有求必应
  • Emotional management 心态丶情绪处理
  • Familiar with English law and environment
  • before coming to UK and after arrival in UK
  • support each student uniquely as an individual
  • Service is provided remotely or in person




您的好处 - Your benefits are:-

  • 有求必有求必应 / 言出必行 – 有信心靠额外保障您在当地的安全, 提供当地的知识和经验(解决游子在外丶 孤立无助的问题 )
  • 时间宝贵。即使你可以自己解决一些事情,不过利用专家的建议可以帮助您更快地实现结果和降低您第一次办理的风险。避免在达到宝贵学业目标之外浪费您的时间。
  • ad hoc academic and career advice 随时咨询教育和职业问题
  • reduce stress and emotional issues 减轻压力和烦恼;处理情绪,调整心态
  • 可能会为您节省大量的时间, 您可以集中精力学习(10分钟微信可以节省您数小时的研究和打听时间)
  • problem prevention before an issue gets worse 提前防范 - 预防问题出现或预防问题变得更糟
  • take your opportunity as it happens 抓住机遇
  • emergency support on standby 随时的后备紧急支援(第一线是当地的应急服务)
  • confidence in an extra layer of assurance of safety and security 我们确保您的个人信息严格保密
  • service is provided to your unique personal requirement - 一对一地帮助和指导学生
  • with a challenging journey ahead, use our strength for your advantage, we protect your privacy and confidentiality
  • can potentially save you a lot of time (a task may take us minutes versus hours of your time because of unfamiliarity 不熟悉) - typically your total cost in England per week is £30,000/40 weeks = £750/week, so your own time is precious, our cost to you starts from about £25 per week - 可能会为您节省大量的时间, 您可以集中精力学习(10分钟微信可以节省您的时间和许多小时的研究和到处打听)- 
  • Masters MSc, MA课程方案是10至18个月, 时间很短也很匆忙,即使你可以自己解决一些事情,利用贵人专家的建议可以帮助您更快地实现结果和降低您第一次徃办理的风险。浪费您的时间就少了时间达到您宝贵学业目標

Key Benefits to You 主要优势为您

  1. Enables your best outlook 使您的最佳前途
  2. Saves you time 节省您的時间
  3. Makes you more efficient   让有效
  4. Gives you confidence and security 信心和安全性
  5. Prevents and your mistake 預防自己的错误
  6. Partners with the best for your educational future 合作伙伴为您学习前进光榮

Beyond 超越

There is a lot to do in the UK beyond education, such as living, investing and shopping.


多事发展除了教育之外生活 投资 购物


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