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Job and career

Job and career general points

job statsjob statsPosted on 5 Oct 2016. Many overseas students (outside of EU) know it is hard to get a working visa while in the UK. So this picture shows a sharp decline in non-EU grant of working visas. The gross (total) number of Chinese students far exceeds any other nationality at 89,540 in 2014-2015.


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Indefinite leave to remain in the UK

(Sept 2016) One student we met at Greenwich University believed that stuyding for 5 years or more in the UK would met the 5 year residency criterion/condition to apply for ILR (Indefinte Leave to Remain), this is not so, Tier 4 visas are not eligible for settlement purposes. A student with a Tier 4 visa will need to convert his/her Tier 4 visa to a different visa category to qualify for ILR, such as Tier 2, and the clock starts counting from the date of issue of Tier 2 (and not from a previous Tier 4 visa date). Effectively Tier 4 visa counts for zero year towards the 5 year residency rule. Statistically speaking the total number of Tier 2 visa granted to all nationals from outside of the EU (with Tier 4) is in the order of 5,000 per year or less.


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