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Imperial College Freshers' Fair 帝国学院 2016

A snap shot of Freshers' Fair 4 October 2016. Photos snapped by William, copyright, default processing using DxO Optics Pro with lens correction (no Photoshop, no lens filter), used Panasonic LX1 compact camera. 每张照片使用 350 kB to 800 kBytes 的数据流量, 使用WiFi效果最佳。

Fair map is here. Nearly all photographs were taken at 17:00 and the IC students (Student Union) were fast to dismantle and to take away as the Fair ended at 16:00. The indoor scenes were much the same as previous years', therefore the photographs shows the changing autumnal scenes. South Kensington campus map 2016.

Notable observation that I made, 1/ there was a Mauritian Society 2/ Around 14:00 the CCSB (PRC Chinese Society) was told to leave the Main Hall because of alleged violation of policy, allegedly selling. 3/ A dental centre in Tizard Hall, Southside.

A brief note on the Fair follows.

Freshers' Fair 2016 is the biggest event of Welcome Week and is a student's chance to meet every one of IC's over 350 Clubs, Societies & Projects. The foot fall is estimated to be about 5,000.

Held across Imperial College London's South Kensington campus, the Freshers' Fair has over 400 stands spread across 14 areas. The fair starts at 11:00 on Tuesday 4 October and runs until 16:00.