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Money that can be used as supporting document for financial statement


This guide is simplified for university entry and is to be used for Tier 4 applications made on or after 6 April 2015 (facts all sourced from ‘Home Office  Tier 4 of the Points Based System – Policy Guidance TIER 4 version 04/15’) but take note of "Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules" released on 13 July 2015.

所有信息引用英国内政部 Tier 4 of the Points Based System 文档政策指导


This is a dual language document and the Chinese text is not an exact translation of the English. It is expected a reader(s) reads both languages. 这是一个双语言的文档, 请注意:中文不是英文的齐全翻译。希望读者(一个或更多的人)读取这两语言。

This guide was originally written by GoHainan from original UKVI documents on 18 June 2015. 指导文档 2015618『 赴海南』创作

This information is freely available to anyone as reference, however, you should refer to the latest official UKVI documentation for completeness and accuracy. If you a web site administrator please use a hypertext link as this page is subject to updated.



163.The evidence of money that you use must be 学习钱的证明的要求:

  • cash funds in the bank (this includes savings accounts and current accounts even when notice must be given); or银行现金资金 (这包括储蓄账户或活期账户或流水账户,账户人通知银行取款也可能);
  • a loan letter (the loan must be provided by your national government, state or regional government, or by a government sponsored student loan company or be part of an academic or educational loans scheme); or 信贷款(…正文 ..);
  • official financial or government sponsorship available to you. 官方赞助或政府资助。

Other accounts or financial instruments such as shares, bonds, overdrafts, credit cards and pension funds are not acceptable, regardless of notice period. Certificates of deposit are only acceptable if they do not indicate that funds are frozen (*解释). 其他帐户或金融工具,例如股票,债券,银行透支,信用卡和养老基金是不能接受的。


(*解释) Home Office Guidance – Tier 4 – v 32.0 Published for Home Office staff on 6 May 2015 , page 97 (of 182) 英国内政部工作人员使用的文档.


166.Where your funds are in a currency other than pounds sterling, the amount we consider will be based on the exchange rate for the relevant currency on the date of your application, taken from the rates published on ( 使用这个互联网网站转换所有货币对英镑。



  1. 申请日期以邮寄材料到签证中心的当天为准。(签证中心面签当天为准。)

Using your own named bank statements



The easiest method to satisfy UKVI financial statement is to use a UK bank current account or deposit account. The documents are in English already. However you must remember to change your account address to where you are or to someone who can receive the post.  为了满足UKVI签证,最简单方法是使用英国银行流水/活期.账户或储蓄账户。这些文件已经是英文了。然而,你必须记住更改帐户地址,以你在哪里,或谁可以接受邮件


Student visa extension requires a reduced amount of maintenance costs plus the amount of university fee that is remaining to be paid as stated in your ‘Confirmation of acceptance for studies’ (CAS). 为了满足UKVI签证,最简单方法是使用英国银行流水/活期.账户或储蓄账户。这些文件是英文了。英国边境处规定续签证(不是第一次),伦敦以内地区生活费为 ££2040英镑以上,伦敦以外地区为£1640英镑以上。( 2015 年 11 月 12 数额是伦敦以内,以外地区( Inner+Outer London) 是 £2,530 - sourced from "Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules" released on 13 July 2015)


For an extension visa you must provide at least a supporting document, such as an end of course letter, attendance record letter, a diploma, examination certificates, from the educational establishment(s) to show that you completed the course or still continuing the course, to support that you educated yourself using the very last student visa and to show your status as having established a presence in UK. 延长签证(续签证)必须提供至少一个支持文档结束,课程上课记录张文凭考试证书 ( A Level考试成绩) 教育机构显示完成课程继续课程支持自己最后学生签证,真正用于教育。表明作为有在场成立地位 (established presence)

If you are self-financed and using your own bank statements for your visa application, you will need to show the following 如果你是自筹资金和使用自己的银行对账单为您自己申请签证,您将需要出示以下:

  • That you have the total amount of money in cash funds in a bank account in your name (you can also use joint accounts where your name appears) 请确保您的现金资金银行对账单上有申请签证者的名字(3)帐户/帐号(2),申请者的名字和帐户/帐号必须是由银行打印的,如果是手写的,则不符合材料要求。
  • That the money has been in your bank account at all times for a period of at least 28 days. (The UKVI will use the most recent entry on your bank statement and count back 28 days) 您的银行对账单,账单的第一笔和最后一笔交易的时间跨度要超过28天(6). (该UKVI将使用您的银行对帐单的最新/最后条目日回数28天)。
  • That your bank statement is dated within a month of your application (i.e. no more than 30 days old) 银行对账单发日必须要在申请日期的30天内(5)
  • That funds are in a 'cash' form. Shares, bonds, property or fixed deposit will not be accepted 资金是现金(可以立即使用) 。其他资金,例如股票,债券,财物和定期存款是不能接受的(除非是存款证明(Certificate of Deposit)定期尾日是大学登记日之前或靠近之前,因为是需要支付费用)。

You can supply the above information either using a bank statement or a letter from the bank. Whichever one you use they must state the following information on them 可提供以上信息使用所有类型的原文/正本银行(信用卡除外)的银行对账单(可提供银行流水账户,请注意部分的流水账户不是存款证明。银行流水必须显示每笔钱的进出帐及日期覆盖至少28天。)或银行信:

  • (3) Your name 您的姓名 (3)
  • (2) The account number  帐户/帐号 (2)
  • (5) The date of statement/letter (5) 出帐日期/信日期 (5)
  • (1) The financial institution's name and logo 需要该银行名称和徽标 (1) ,使用官方银行预先印制纸
  • (4) If not using (1) see below   如果不使用1请参见下面对于盖银行章
  • (7) The amount of money available 账单里面的金额 (7)
  • (6) Confirmation that funds has been held for at least 28 days (if needed provide a bank letter). 金额需要超过上述要求且在银行里超过28天(7), 如银行账单不完整 (1) - (7)需要的信息,您需要附加银行解释信说明原因。银行信需要有账户持有人名,和帐号,和日期。其目的是银行信加银行对账单完成所有需要的信息。)


Current account statement exampleCurrent account statement example

(1) (2) ….(7) labels are shown on the bank statement examples. These examples are this current account statement , this UK bank current account example, and this certificate of deposit (showing a possible error) (the red arrows marked).


(1) (2) ….(7) 标签显示在银行账户的例子。这些例子银行流水账户存款证明 (包含可能错误)(标记红色箭头





 On the right is an example UK own bank account current account bank statement used successfully on 24 June 2015 for an immediate (same day) Tier 4 visa decision at a London Home Office visa centre. This bank statement was printed by a self service machine in a Barclays bank branch. A member of bank staff was able to stamp(4) this right away. 英国用自己的银行对帐单在 2015 年 6 月 24 日成功签证英国用自己的银行对帐单在 2015 年 6 月 24 日成功签证Note its two special features:-

 i) What if account number is shown partially? The 8 digit account number (2) was masked (or substituted) by 4 stars for security reason, this is to say that the bank's printing machine printed out 4 stars and 4 digits for the account number, the 4 other account number shown was still acceptable by immigration officers, (however always have another bank document, bank card, showing the full 8 digits account number as a backup, just in case, when you visit a visa centre for your biometrics); 

ii) How is 28 days counted? - Shows a period of exactly 28 days as having a required amount of money, from and on 26/5 (6) to 22/6 (5), this means that 28 days includes the day money is in your account plus the day the bank statement is printed.  

右边示例英国用自己银行帐单 2015 年 6 月 24 成功签证使用立即 (同一天) 签证决定伦敦签证中心银行帐单用巴克莱银行支行自助服务印制银行工作人员能够马上加盖银行章(4)。请注意两个特色:-
i)  8 帐户数字 (2)  4 掩盖 (或取代) 隐私安全原因银行的印刷机 4 4 位数帐号所示4 其他帐户号码仍然入境事务接受(但是总是另一个银行文档银行显示 8 位数帐号作为备份访问签证中心生物特征识别);

ii) 计数方式正好28 计数 26/5 6 22/6 (5),意味着 28 包括显示帐户日,再加上银行帐单打印一天


certificate of depositcertificate of deposit

In the example certificate of deposit on the right, the university enrolment date is 8 Sept therefore the fixed term end date of 25 November (6) is not good as the money should be available for use just before the enrolment date. The fixed term date should be before the date the money is to be used but approximately after the date  when a visa application is expected to have been issued. The bank stamp (4) is not necessary because the bank statement is printed in bank's letterhead paper. The pre-printed paper used is in dual language so translation into English is greatly reduced. 右手侧存款证明示例大学入学日期 9 月 8 日,固定期限(冻结)结束日期 11 月 25 (6) ,定期尾日(6)应该是大学登记日之前或靠近之前,允许时间签证处理,因为是需要支付费用。如果您提供的是银行存折复印件/原本银行的方银行预先印制纸账单(1),则不需要加盖银行章(4)。预印语言所以翻译英文大大降低





If you are using a (Chinese) Certificate of Deposit, it will only be accepted if it meets all the following requirements 存款证明可以接受如果满足所有以下条件:


  • The certificate of deposit must have been issued within 31 days of the date of application(5); 存款证明发日必须要在申请日期的31天内(5);
  • At least 28 days must have elapsed between the date of the deposit and the date of issue of the certificate; 存款证明金额需要存款开始日且在银行里超过28天(6);
  • There must be no wording on the document which indicates the funds are frozen or otherwise inaccessible. 必须有对,文档纸张正面和背面,没有句子表明资金被冻结(In the example certificate of deposit on the right, the university enrolment date is 8 Sept therefore the fixed term end date of 25 November (6) is not good as the money should be available for use just before the enrolment date. The fixed term date should 固定日期)或无法取钱。  

If you only have online statement, they can be used if they contain all of the details listed above. However, you must also 如果你只有下载电子文档, 需要完整以上 (1) - (7)的信息

  • Provide a letter from your bank on headed paper confirming that the statement are authentic, OR 提供官方银行预先印制纸银行信,确认该自我打印电子文档是真实的银行账单,或
  • (4) Ask your bank to stamp your electronic statement with the official stamp of the bank. This stamp should appear on every page of the statement. 如果您提供的银行打账单是自己的打印机打打(1),则需要加盖银行章 (4) 每一,盖章清楚(如果需要的话,可以翻译成英语) 。如果您提供的是银行存折复印件/原本银行的方银行预先印制纸账单(1),则不需要加盖银行章。

Your bank statement must be issued by a financial institution that accepted by the Home Office. Please check the Lists of financial institutions that do not satisfactorily verify financial statements or whose financial statements are accepted on the Home Office website. 一些银行对帐单是不能接受的,有没有这样的银行在中国? 英国内政部网站有不允许银行名。




Using your parent's bank statements



If you are self-financed and using your parent's bank statement for your visa application, you must meet the same guidelines as stated above and in addition you must also provide the following 如上述所需资料,但帐户名不是自己名,需要添加:

  • Your original birth certificate 您的原件出生证明
  • A letter of parental consent confirming that this money will be used for your studies. 家长同意书确认,这笔钱将用于你的学业

Official translations of these documents must be included if not in English. 如果不是英语。这些文件需要官方翻译或值得信赖翻译公司翻译。

GoHainan can use a high quality and trusted international translation company with offices in London and Shanghai『赴海南』可用高品质和值得信赖的国际翻译公司(伦敦和上海办公室))