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UK Education and Other Services

KeyAll services are delivered locally using local people. Laws of England and Wales prevail, not elsewhere abroad. Please feel free to make inquiries, WeChat name is f3dom-kun, you are under no obligation to buy any service. Alternatively email


Personal privacy and confidentiality are respected. Service partners are Disclosure & Barring Service checked. (The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children. It replaces the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA).)

A typical student in UK spends £30,000 to £40,000 per year, by using KeyOpen for a small fee you may be able protect your much bigger investment in money, time and effort so as to achieve your educational aims with greater confidennce.


  1. Personal and family service consultancy and project management (fixed price or time and materials fees)
    1. Guardian services for under 18 years of age or general assistance service for 18+ in dual language (Basic) :-
      1. Simple, minimal general distance support
      2. 5000 CNY for one academic year (~10 months from October), notional 20 support hours (averages to 2 hrs per month), contact one or twice a month
      3. communication is by way of Wechat, email and telephone
      4. no face to face support and no emergency support
      5. support style is typically short and brief for questions and answers in general living general knowledge **
    2. Guardian services for under 18 years of age or general assistance service for 18+ in dual language:-
      1. 10000 CNY for one academic year (~10 months), notional 20 support hours (averages to 2 hrs per month), contact one or twice a month, or
      2. 20000 CNY for one academic year (~10 months), notional 50 support hours (averages to 5 hrs per month), and
      3. communication is by way of Wechat, email and telephone
      4. support style is typically short and brief for questions and answers in general living general knowledge ** (however, short general advice and guidance time may instead be used for more time consuming academic writing review, for example)
      5. includes London airport transfer to London central (other destination additional charge),
      6. includes emergency availability (actual usage during emergency is charged extra on amount of work); If you put your parents' name and telephone as emergency contact at university, you should consider our service as we are local in England. Even if your university friends help you in an emergency, some would use methods to avoid from too much trouble rather than to help you with your best interests as an aim, but we do.
    3. Fuller support as above but including face to face and onsite meetings, full support includes some of consultancy and project management as stated below, ask for price,
  2. Consultancy and specific solutions
    1. Education
      1. find placement at a college or university
      2. maximise success and ease of advancement
      3. assist with interviews
      4. assist with telephone calls and writing letters on behalf of student
      5. review and assist with personal statement for education and other uses such as competitive accommodation
        1. normal personal statement - 1000-1500 CNY (notional 2 to 3 hours of work), subsequent review is 500 CNY (notional an hour of work)
          1. review and offer constructive suggestion on student’s draft (sample text is suggested)
          2. distance support using email
          3. a little amount of instant messaging support
          4. student provides first draft in English or Chinese, supplied information could be in a list format
        2. premium personal statement – as above but includes additional support, starts from 6000 CNY
          1. face to face meeting to discuss all aspects of personal matters
          2. detailed comparison of different course contents
          3. explanation of student’s grammatical errors
          4. multiple reviews
          5. multiple courses
          6. contents of personal statement subject to major change as a result of aim changes
          7. real time development discussion support on Wechat
      6. compare and contrast universities and courses
      7. assist with issues with standard of English
    2. Contract
      1. purchase of goods and services in UK
      2. after sales issues
    3. Living and lifestyle
      1. what, when, why and how while living in UK questions and answers:-
        1. offer general advice and guidance including racial and gender discrimination, medical, contractual, legal matters etc.
        2. find specialists to handle specialised subject areas
      2. problem solving and issues resolution, for example:
        1. at education organisation
        2. at rental accommodation
        3. at banks
        4. loss of property and documents
        5. personal accident and injuries
        6. police
      3. personal assistance
        1. accompany person to get things done
          1. school meeting
          2. interview appointment
          3. doctor appointment
          4. hospital appointment
          5. court attendance
        2. telephone and write letters
        3. accompany person/family to visit England
      4. Research and analytical assistance
        1. Immigration
        2. Apartment and other investment
        3. Rental of accommodation
        4. Any other research subject such as you have told how to do things in UK but you wanted help to validate this advice and information
  3. Translation
    1. High quality translation to 23 popular languages, which may be certified for official use
    2. Services offered by KeyOpen partner, international company with HQ in central London and office in Shanghai, if you prefer translation done by a western company (as opposed to a Chinese company)
    3. You pay no more by using KeyOpen compared with going direct
  4. Project management
    1. Normal project management
      1. Manage a situation as a project to ensure success and meeting deadlines and key dates
      2. Assess risks and offer alternative solutions
    2. Complex project management
      1. Manage a situation which has multiple parties
      2. For example, a family from China may use a school, an estate agency, an immigration law firm, a bank, a travel agency, a guardian company, an education agency to settle a student in UK for his/her first year
      3. Another example, you are unhappy with chasing different parties in UK to get things done
  5. Others services
    1. Please ask and explain your requirements
    2. Transfers to/from Heathrow and Gatwick to your location
    3. Dissertation service (proof reading, structure, contents)
    4. etc. (please ask)

** Example of general ad hoc questions

  1. Please check my email before I send to Mr. X?
  2. I need advice and guidance on an essay/dissertation/letter?
  3. Could you make me an appointment (e.g. doctor) for me quickly/urgently?
  4. Could you assist me with which course modules are better for some career jobs?
  5. I cannot upload a photograph to a web site for an application.
  6. I cannot open a digital file, could you try for me please?
  7. How to say this xxx (Chinese text) in suitable English?
  8. I have two options, which one is better?
  9. I telephoned a bank but I could not understand what the help agent said.
  10. What does this mean in Chinese, could you explain?
  11. I received this email, what shall I do?
  12. I have a red sore eye, what shall I do?
  13. I want to open a bank account.
  14. My landlord ignores me and there is a problem in my rented room.
  15. I feel lonely and depressed.
  16. What is the difference between A and B?
  17. I forgot to tell the police when I moved house, what shall I do? Will it affect my via application?
  18. (I am going back home for summer holidays) Which UK address should I use for letter post (from bank, college)?
  19. I need a dentist/orthodontist could you telephone around and find me a good one?
  20. I want to work in business, could you compare these courses for me at various universities?
  21. How do I get a refund from a shop?
  22. I am confused about some job career professions, could you please explain?
  23. I lost my wallet, passport, what shall I do?